Metro Community College Bible Classes

I am an engineer by profession so it seems that I need a lot of facts to back up decisions that I make. In the short time that I have known you (Debbie), you have really helped me put the pieces together in my spiritual life to make me realize what is real and what is really important, that Jesus Christ is my Savior and I can experience everlasting life with Him. Randy - Omaha, NE

A true delight. Debbie's enthusiasm for her subject was contagious. It has opened my eyes and ears to all sorts of interesting information. Anonymous

She (Debbie) is an incredible professor. She kept my attention the entire class period each time we met. Anonymous

Bible Classes

Debbie has a special way of organizing her lessons so that anyone can understand even the most difficult passages. Lori - Omaha, NE

I just wanted you to know the difference you are making in lives - not the least of mine! Ginny - Elkhorn, NE

God used you [to spiritually help a family member] in this.  I am so grateful for everything you are doing. Anonymous

I appreciate and admire the passion you have for God's Word. Laura - Omaha, NE

I most appreciate Debbie's enthusiasm, knowledge, caring, and leadership ability. Anonymous

Thank you for your sincerity, commitment, and obvious walk with the Lord. 
Jeanine - Elkhorn, NE

I just wanted to tell you thanks and that what I learned with you is really helping me. Jan - Omaha, NE

I never learned more about the Bible than from ... your classes. Kim - Omaha, NE

Deb is an AMAZINGLY brilliant Bible teacher and is an expert in leading tours in Israel.  Her work with marketplace ministry is well known and she is an excellent woman of character. Peg - Council Bluffs, IA


Holy Land Tours

The trip was more than I ever dreamed it could be. The history, sights, food, rooms, weather, driver, guides, teachings, and best of all, fellowship were so wonderful. Pat - Omaha, NE

Thank you for the trip of a lifetime. The Lord has used this trip in so many levels. I'm already saving for the next one. Lauren - Jacksonville, FL

Debbie thought of and provided for every aspect of the trip. Her positive and enthusiastic attitude was infectious and set the tone for all of us. Bob and Bev - Omaha, NE

Debbie did everything humanly possible to provide us with a spiritual experience. Now it is up to the Holy Spirit. He is filling in the spiritual aspects as only He can do. John - Omaha, NE

We cannot think of any way that we would have changed anything. It was super. This was indeed a '10' trip. Jim and Treva - Smithville, MO

This was an amazing trip. We continue to live it over and over again. U. S. Congressman and his wife

The best tour we've ever taken...Thanks, Bob and Debbie, for your wonderful attention to detail. Jim and Jean - Omaha, NE

Thank you for making our trip the most awesome trip of a lifetime. Audrey - Omaha, NE



What an opportunity for both of us to be fed spiritually & see all the connections between Bible prophecy with Russia, Middle East & most important Israel.  Don and Sharon, Omaha NE

You were a  real blessing and what you taught was so practical.  International Ministry Facilitators Event

You were a favorite -- your love for the Lord was in every word. Louise - Lutheran Women's Gathering

We were inspired and left with much to consider for our lives. Karen - Women's Conference

Your workshop is always on the top of everyone's list. Cheryl - Whole Women's Day


Radio Programs

I think your (radio) show should go world-wide. Garland - Omaha, NE

Thanks you so much for your excellent insight and teaching on bible prophecy and how current events fit in - Former Pastor, Fort Calhoun, NE

Please send me an outline of your GREAT Revelation studies. Your teaching really sticks to the pre-trib. interpretation -- HALLELUJAH!!!. Frank - Clay Center, KS

I have been listening to your program early Sunday morning for the past few weeks on KFAB. What a terrific program you are doing! Wow, you are so knowledgeable and have a terrific sounding voice on the air. Ann – Omaha, NE

Thank you for your radio program.  I love hearing about prophecy and you are so good.  We always head off to church and I miss the end of the broadcast so am very thankful for the website where I can listen at my convenience. Betty - York, NE

Please extend your (KCRO) radio program to a full hour each week.  I find your program and teaching most interesting and informative. Dawn - Avoca, IA


I am really enjoying your book - I'm over halfway through it. I especially like how you personalize the message. Arthur - Lincoln, NE

I simply LOVE your writing and your subject!  Kathy - Austin TX

Your information is so interesting and informative.  I am learning so much. Susie - Omaha NE

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