Debbie Diesing Blank


Debbie is a popular Bible teacher and speaker who has a passion for sharing the Word of God with a practical and applicable approach. Her enthusiasm is contagious, imparting to people a desire to study the Word for themselves and to practice it, resulting is a joyful relationship with God. In addition to her classes and seminars, she has authored two prophecy books, hosts a weekly international radio program on Bible Prophecy and teaches/hosts tours to the lands of the Bible. She and her husband, Bob, are co-founders of Living Word Ministries. They have two married sons, two wonderful daughters-in-law and two adorable grandchildren.  Debbie and Bob reside in Omaha, Nebraska.



Growing up in Omaha in a strong Catholic family and attending Catholic schools, Debbie learned about Jesus Christ. It was at age 24, however, when she realized that while she had a knowledge of Jesus, she had not surrendered to Him as Lord and Master of her life. By faith Debbie gave her life totally and wholly to Jesus Christ and confessed Him as Lord (Ephesians 2:8,9; Romans 10:9,10; Titus 3:5). Her life, passion, purpose, and focus since that day has been "to walk in a manner worthy of Him, to please Him in all things, bearing fruit in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God" (Colossians 1:9,10).


Debbie graduated summa cum laude from Grace University, Omaha, Nebraska, with a Bachelor of Science Degree with majors in Bible and Management and Organizational Leadership.


Debbie has dedicated her life and ministry to her Lord, her family and friends and her community.  She has used her spiritual gift of administration by serving on the Board of Directors of twenty-five civic organizations and ministries and hundreds of committees, along with providing financial services to ministries and family owned businesses for nearly four decades. She assists other ministries in establishing their organizational and tax exempt status and consults with them in managing their organizations.

Over the past thirty-five years, Debbie has ministered through her spiritual gift of teaching and discipleship to children, youth and adults. She is a certified Precept Upon Precept Bible Teacher and a certified Evangelical Training Association Instructor. She has a passion for Israel and Bible prophecy so teaches classes on those and other topics along with her weekly Bible studies and teaching on their educational tours to Israel. 

As active members of their church since 1982, Debbie has taught every age group, and both have served in numerous leadership capacities within the church.  


Robert Ralph Blank


Bob is a multi-talented business man with a heart to reach and disciple other men. He has developed and led numerous area ministries including Promise Keepers Nebraska.



Growing up in Omaha with a Catholic mother and a Jewish father, Bob was exposed to a potpouri of religious information. God used his wife to show him that Jesus Christ could change his life. From this new knowledge of Christ, Bob confessed Him as Lord and gave his life totally and wholly to Jesus Christ  (Ephesians 2:8,9; Romans 10:9,10; Titus 3:5).


Bob attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and the University of Nebraska at Omaha. His special emphasis of study was business and criminal justice. Bob has attended numerous business seminars relating to franchising, finances, business practices, and restaurant development.


Bob has an expansive area of business expertise and opportunities. He is currently runs his own retail and wholesale coffee business.  He was the founder and operator of the WC FRANK restaurants, franchising over 120 units in 12 states. He has owned and operated several other businesses including a commerical cleaning company, restaurants, a video arcade, equipment company, and a small advertising company. He has served as the President of his family owned motion picture theatre chain and as the Vice-President of the Cornhusker Bank of Omaha.


Bob has a passion for men and men's ministry. He has served as the Chairman  of Promise Keepers, Nebraska, organized large men's conferences both through his church and through Promise Keepers, conducted Point Man training, spoken at various events and churches throughout Nebraska and Iowa, and assisted churches and ministries in establishing their men's ministries.

Bob strongly believes in the sanctiy of human life so has committed himself to service in that area through Nebraskan's United for Life as member of the Board for eleven years and President for two years, Host of a daily radio program “Talking About Life”, Host of the weekly radio show "Looking at Life" and currently as Chairman of Choose Life License plates in Nebraska.


Jacquelyn Hammer Saylors


Jackie Saylors has an enthusiasm, interest and knowledge for just about everything!!  With a background in journalism and teaching, she serves as Co-Host for our Living Word Ministries international radio show, speaks, teaches and is a leader in BSF.  She and her husband, Chuck, are leaders in their church.  They have three grown sons and a beautiful daughter-in-law, and live in Omaha, NE.  


Jackie came to Jesus Christ eagerly as a very young child, mostly through watching her beloved mother daily read her Bible and let Jesus infuse her with the strength to raise four daughters on her own.  Sunday School and After School Bible Club also taught Jackie that God is the Father who loves her so much that He sent Jesus to pay the penalty for her sins.  Through the changes and challenges of each stage of life, Jesus is truly the One Who has pulled her through it all!  Two of her life verses are John 3:16 and Romans 8:28.



As a volunteer, Jackie has faithfully ministered in her church for several decades in many capacities including teacher, Junior Choir Director and Newsletter writer and editor.  She currently serves on the Administrative Board, as well as a Lay Speaker and Adult Sunday School leader.  She is a delegate to her denomination's Annual Conference.  Jackie is a leader in Bible Study Fellowship and Co-Hosts the Living Word Ministries international radio program.

In the past, Jackie was active in PTA as an officer and on the City PTA/PTSA.  She was also a contributor to various school publications. 



Jackie graduated from UNO with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Journalism with a secondary teaching certificate.  She has worked as a Junior High and High School teacher, as an Omaha World-Herald Intern, writer for the Public Affairs Office of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and a UNO Television Public Affairs Program Host. 



Michelle Hall


Michelle is a student of the Word of God and is gifted in the area of administration and teaching. She currently serves as a teacher for Living Word Ministries Tuesday night studies.



Michelle graduated from Millard North and has a vocational degree in Cosmetology.  She is a Bible student with a passion for Bible Prophecy from a Premillennial perspective.  Her influences in studies and expository teachings are Chuck Missler, Dr. Ed Hindson and Dr. Thomas Ic.


Michelle has served in retail, operations, sales and marketing management.


Michelle is an Omaha native who has served in music ministry and worship teams, downtown street ministry, counselor training and youth leadership. She has been involved with the homeless shelters of Nebraska and has served at the Open Door Mission. She and her husband Aaron have supported missionaries in Africa, China and around the world to further the gospel of Jesus Christ. Like many born again Christians we look forward to The Day of our Lord Jesus and His coming Kingdom on earth.


Arthur L. Lindsay


Arthur L. Lindsay is the author of eleven books and is an active public speaker, having spoken in ten countries on four continents. He is a former missionary in Italy and an insurance executive.


Though he has many interests, his primary focus is on his own personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Therefore, he steadily studies and memorizes the Word of God. Second to that, he loves to share with men in one-on-one discipleship training. Additionally he has been involved in prison ministry for more than fifty years.



Arthur is the author of eleven books. Four of them are biographies: I Can: Coach Ron Brown’s Search for Success; Not Even a Thread: When a rapist repents …God; One Final Pass: the Brook Berringer story; and I Can 2. There have been four history books: It Takes a Home: Commemorating 90 years of service of People’s City Mission; Most Unusual Packages, the story of Bethphage; A Tree Grows in Lincoln, the story of Christ Temple Church; and his latest book The Dairy. Art has also written two books on ethics for the insurance industry: Don’t Punt and Cover All the Bases; and a novel, Three Wings Against the Monkey.

Art has been a resident of Lincoln, Nebraska since 1988. He is the father of four: Tedrin, Timothy, Linda, and Colin.



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